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    In January 2017 a consortium of twelve European and Brazilian organizations has launched a new collaboration under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme. CEBRABIC aims at enhancing the cooperation in research, technology and entrepreneurship between the EU member states and Brazil.

    The diverse project consortium will work together for four years to set up the CEBRABIC centre and is coordinated by Fraunhofer IPK, located in Berlin, Germany, with a track record and offices in Brazil.

    CEBRABIC will be a Centre working on a network basis. Its headquarters and representation offices will be located in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Creating synergies and complementarities is the core value of CEBRABIC, particularly with European research and innovation (R&I) structures located in Brazil, to complement, expand and enhance its service portfolio. Different types of stakeholder incorporation into CEBRABIC network is foreseen, either from the demand or supply service: members, service providers, regional innovation hubs and focal points. The network will support the creation of R&I&B opportunities for European organizations in Brazil, stimulating demand and cooperation. The Centre will not only provide support-based services (e.g.: network, advice, training etc.), but also technology-related services, resourcing to the network of regional innovation hubs and of external service providers, constantly seeking for linkages to the private industrial sector and to investors. Altogether, this will enable CEBRABIC to address knowledge-intensive sectors, offering a service portfolio that corresponds to an integrated approach towards the innovation value chain and that stimulates research-to-market collaborative projects.

    For further information:
    For Europe: Dr. Ronald Orth ()
    For Brazil: Dr. Markus Will ()

  • EULAC Health
    EU-LAC Health is a project promoted by the European Commission. Its main goal is to define a detailed roadmap to guide policy-makers and other stakeholders on future actions to support cooperative health research between European (EU) and Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) countries.

  • CHIARA Lalli
    Chiaralalli is an Italian project that strives to deal with erotic topics and uses research to make them understandable and fact-based for a wide audience. The project has been active since 2021 and is supported by numerous partners. (link)

  • EULAC Foundation: Created in May 2010 by the 6th Summit of Heads of State and Government, the European Union-Latin America and Caribbean Foundation (EU-LAC Foundation) took up its activities in November 2011. The Foundation aims at transforming the strategic partnership between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean, which was adopted in 1999, into a strengthened and visible reality in which the respective societies participate actively. (link)

  • MERCOSUR IPR SME Helpdesk, co-funded by the European Commission, facilitates the expansion of the European Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) which are interested in or already operating in the MERCOSUR region and Chile, through increased know-how of the usage and enforcement of the Intellectual Property (IP) rights system. Accessible services are free of charge, user-friendly, first-line personalized and confidential advice on IP and related issues, plus factsheets, training, and online resources. (link)

  • LEADERSHIP: LEADERSHIP is co-funded by the ICT programme of FP7 and supports the evolving dialogues on EU-LAC cooperation in ICT, by providing input, both at bilateral level to the S&T dialogue and at bi-regional level to the EU-LAC SOM ICT Working Group.

  • TRANS-ATLANTIC PLATFORM: The TRANS-ATLANTIC PLATFORM ON SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES enhances the ability of funders, research organizations and researchers to engage in transnational dialogue and collaboration. It identifies common challenges and promotes a culture of digital scholarship in social science and humanities research. (link)


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