Project Structure


ERANet-LAC activities are structured in six work packages (WP) which are tightly linked to each other:

WP 1 and 2 create the basis for the implementation of the joint activities that will be implemented in WP 3 and 4.

WP 5 will evaluate the results from the before mentioned WP’s and pave the way for future bi-regional activities.

  • WP1: Identifying procedures, topics, instruments and actors
    Activities within this WP: WP1 aims at gathering information on
    1. (I) on lessons learnt from previous and ongoing bi-regional activities – with specific focus on innovation aspects,
    2. (II) on relevant topics for bi-regional cooperation and on
    3. (III) programmes covered by national research systems, national funding instruments and possible multilateral funding opportunities and their stakeholders.
    The results will serve as the basis for a consultation process with EU-CELAC funding and innovation agencies in WP2.

  • WP2: Definition of a joint strategy and development of an Action Plan for the ERA-NET
    WP2 will define an Action Plan for joint activities within the ERA-Net. This will be done in discussion with funding and innovation agencies and other stakeholders (within and outside the project consortium), by organizing a consultation process.
    With regards to the formulation of the call-topics, ERANet-LAC will take into consideration the proposals of the working groups constituted by the EU-CELAC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) in the following thematic areas: ICT, Energy, Bio-Diversity/Claimate, Bio-Economy and Health.

  • WP3: Promoting mutual opening and coordination of EU-CELAC existing programmes and infrastructures
    Based on the expressions of interest from funding agencies, received through the consultation process, concrete joint activities seeking to coordinate and cluster research programmes, open research infrastructures and coordinate innovation programmes will be implemented. The specific initiatives will be demand-driven through a bottom-up approach, guaranteeing a real interest and the settlement of working groups willing to implement pilot coordination actions.

  • WP4: Implementation of Joint Calls
    In WP4, two joint calls will be implemented based on the recommendations of the project Action Plan defined in WP2. EU and LAC funding and innovation agencies (consortium partners and additional funders) will participate in the Joint Calls, allocating funds according to their respective interest in certain topics (variable geometry).

  • WP5: Paving the way for innovative and sustainable bi-regional joint activities
    On the basis of the analysis, processes and joint activities carried out in the previous WP a road map will be formulated and an EU-CELAC Platform for Funding Agencies will be established. Thus, the project will provide an innovative and sustainable framework for future bi-regional joint activities.

  • WP6: Project Management
    WP6 provides overall consortium, financial and administrative management. The project coordinator will be responsible for communications between the Commission and the ERANet-LAC team, and ultimately for completion of the project goals and deliverables, on time, to budget and to a high quality standard.

ERANET-LAC has received funding from the European Unions Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 609484